On Saturday, July 28, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives will have an opening reception in West Hollywood for a new exhibit, Latent Images. It features the contemporary photography of Leah DeVun along with images from ONE's vast collection of gay and lesbian art.

The exhibit connects queer culture from the past with today's. Other featured artists are Nancy Rosenblum, Miles Everett, and David Greene. The above photo was taken by Rosenblum in 1979.

DeVun further explains the show:

“When creating these photographs, I was interested in how using archival materials in the “wrong” way (that is, not as a historian would, but through interpolation or anachronism) might uncover something unexpected about the nature of memory, and how it might be mediated or even obviated by the present.

“This particular set of images addresses the feminist movement and its relationship to labor and the workforce. The archival objects seen in the photographs (many wearable items, sometimes juxtaposed with living figures) were intended to embody liberatory ideals, and yet they defy a simple reading.

“The objects pictured are more than historical traces to be viewed and studied: they are insistently contemporary, with the potential to be continually and critically reordered or reactivated. The images also speak to the limits of the photographic and the documentary to allow us to fully access the past, as well as to contain it within a discrete and knowable time period distinct from our own.”

The reception starts at 5 p.m. this Saturday, taking place at ONE Archives Gallery & Museum at 626 North Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood. The exhibit will run from July 28 through September 30.

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