It's 4 a.m. in Pasadena; the last of the taco trucks has closed down for the night and Wokcano sushi in the Old Town mall has just taken last orders. Is there any hope left for the late-night Pasadena eater?

Looking to fill that very specific niche is Late Night Pizza in Pasadena, a delivery and take-out pizza place that opened in June, which not only serves pizza every night until 5 a.m. but only serves from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. — making it the pizza equivalent of those post-midnight shoe-cobbling elves. According to one of the staff members, the place had hoped to open earlier for dinner but found that the graveyard shift was far more profitable due to the sheer lack of competition.

The new restaurant even released a commercial on YouTube, which depicts a Workaholics-esque trio of dudes pondering how to keep their party going after 2 a.m. Cue the arrival of a magical wizard who assaults them with garlic-flavored “balls in [their] mouth” in a fashion that would probably make even Starry Kitchen's Nguyen Tran blush. The wizard also conjures up some attractive women along with a few whole pizza pies, just to keep the whole thing in the realm of realism.

So how does Late Night Pizza's pizza actually taste? We admit that we haven't actually sampled its products yet. It may, in fact, be amazing, but in reality it doesn't need to be — if you're ordering pizza around the time the sun is starting to come up, we expect that your standards might be a bit skewed.

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