Last Saturday, the dim lights, music and general underground vibes gave Temporary Spaces 2 an aura of a clandestine gathering. Though TS2 is located on Melrose Ave., it actually felt like a distant world of dub music.

On stage Atlanta DJ Deco set-up the intimate tone of the night with smooth downtempo Bassline. Following Deco, DJ DLX of the Smog collective rocked a dubstep set with heavier bass and variable drums, which had a visibly uplifting effect on the movements of the crowd.

DLX spun a variety of tunes including 2000F and J Kamata's “You Don't Know What Love Is” and Clipse's “Mr. Me Too.”

For those not on the dance floor, the vibes carried through every wall in the room to reach the clubgoers that lounged, played pool and conversed in the small covered patio. Newcomer DJ Vaccine's experimental mix created a steady slow-beat ambience, but the din of conversation was loud enough to overpower her set.

DJ Shackleton; Credit: Regal D

DJ Shackleton; Credit: Regal D

UK headliner DJ Shackleton incited the crowd with his set rooted in the late 90s 2-step garage. Shackleton doesn't pre-plan his mixes much. “I'm not thinking about it,” he said, “especially on a tour. It is really quite instinctively. It comes naturally.”

Onyx, Tribal Fusion dancer, performed seamlessly to the skittering afro-percussion sounds of Shackleton's set. Her sensual movements and exotic look underscored the evening's mystery. For the Los Angeles Dubstep regulars the night was a welcome change of pace to the weekly fix.

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