Words and photographs by Timothy Norris

Va Voom! Click the image or check the sideshow here for all the Sexo Y Violencia you can wrap your head around.

Last night, monsters and other creatures of the night made their way to the Mayan Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles for the annual Lucha Va Voom Halloween Extravaganza.  Just after the audience recited the secret Lucha pledge, things got started with a little Va Voom Halloween-style with a raising of the dead.  Lucha Va Voom happens only three times a year and if you've not been, I highly recommend you get your ass down there.  If you have been, you'll remember that just when you think you've seen it all, some crazy new shit will go down like Prince showing up on stage or Medusa bringing a man back from stone.  Insanity. Of course, I couldn't hardly wait to see what the sexy Poubelle Twins had in store, either. Did I forget to mention Chupacabra? Yeah, he was there too.

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