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Monday night at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood, I sat in a bowling booth next to Playboy's Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner's ex-main squeeze of “Girls Next Door” fame. Suddenly I was informed by one of her entourage that there was some creepy dude posing as a UCLA medical professor taking pictures up Playmates' skirts and claiming it was for some research project he was doing on behalf of the university. Nice one, dude.

Madison seemed rather unconcerned and, hey, that's what security is for, right? It was a slight blemish on an otherwise amazing night — Bowling for Boobies, a charity event presented by Busted Foundation to raise money for women diagnosed with breast cancer who can't afford their medical bills or treatment.

Now in its fourth year, Bowling for Boobies 2008 featured eight teams of cleverly named, costumed competitors: Nasty Habits, Nippoleon Boobaparte, Gutter Girls, Total Package, Champagne Splits, Cult of the Eye (Huh?), The Spares, and Holly Madison's team, The Double D's. As one of the latter myself, you can imagine what team I was rooting for. Plus, the Playmates had the good champagne.

Boobs and booze aside, this year's charity event raised an estimated $50,000 for women whose lives have been devastated by cancer. L.A. Weekly took some time to chat with Bowling for Boobies co-chair and spokesperson, Edith Speed, a beautiful vamp who was the first woman to receive support from the charity after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002 and having a double mastectomy in 2003 that left her finances in tatters.

“I don't think it should be a privilege to have health care,” Speed said. “What we're doing is we're addressing where your insurance stops and what your needs are. My friends did the first Bowling for Boobies in 2004. They got together and we had four lanes and I managed to pay for all my bills and raise $75,000. I mean, no one has that! So until our country figures out something to do with health care so that we're all covered and we can make choices, we're going to Bowl for Boobies and Busted Foundation is also going to educate people. We'll keep doing Bowling for Boobies every year and we want to start expanding it in other cities. I feel like it's a success.”

Also, check out this video footage of Playboy's Holly Madison bowling and, woops, falling flat on her rear. Where's Walter Sobchak and The Dude when you need them?

For more information go to Busted Foundation's website.

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