Váli, Norse god of vengeance paid Los Angeles a visit, and he brought his boys.

Last night, under Hoth's moon, Sweden's melodic-death-metal sons of Thor, Amon Amarth, (and Swiss folk-metal outfit Eluveitie) played House of Blues.

Everyone looking for a metal photo-op was at Club Nokia checking out Revolver's Golden Gods. Anybody after real brutality, however, headed for the House of Blues.

Amon Amarth's sound, though often called Viking metal, has more in common with Arch Enemy than Bathory. Their live shows are full of Viking war and savagery, with four-man helicopters and tracks so metal that they rip your face off!

Video from last night: Amon Amarth's “Twilight of the Thunder God”:

[Video by HollywwodMetalRadio.]

Eluveitie (El-vay-Tee, get it right), a pagan folk metal band that hangs out at the borders of melodic death metal's empire — probably casting spells and worshiping Celtic gods — opened for Amon Amarth and should have not been missed. (Unless of course you have a fetish for regrets, in which case, you probably did.) In addition to the standard ensembles, Eluveitie's 8-piece group includes hurdy gurdy, fiddle, bagpipes, accordion, flutes, whistles, crumhorn, mandola, and other assorted instruments of ancient times. The sight of a head-banging hurdy gurdy player is truly something to behold.

Lots of large bearded men, swords, fire, and maybe a drinking horn or two. What's not to like?

Amon Amarth's “Valhall Awaits Me”, last night:

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