A Los Angeles Superior Court judge on Friday struck down another attempt to block an L.A. city ordinance that will essentially shut down most of the medical marijuana dispensaries in town. The closures are set to begin — mostly voluntarily — Monday.

Judge James C. Chalfant stated that the ordinance would not block patients' access to medical marijuana, an argument made by plaintiffs. About 130 pot shops of the 583 or so in existence will be eligible to remain open.

The city's ordinance allows those shops that registered with L.A. before a temporary and ultimately fruitless 2007 moratorium went into effect to remain open providing they comply with new rules, which include a 1,000-foot distance from parks, schools, churches and other “sensitive use” sites.

Last month Jane Usher, senior adviser to City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, warned those marijuana retailers that aren't in compliance with L.A.'s new law that they should shut their doors.

“If I am someone who can never comply with an ordinance and I'm the potential recipient of the penalties, I would shut down,” she said. “I think those who don't comply are rolling the dice.”

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