Curbed L.A. notes
the retreat of the hip, schmanzy S Bar from the bottom floor of the Broadway Hollywood Building, thanks to complaints from upstairs tenants at the condo complex located on the southwest corner of Hollywood and Vine. The high-end loft dwellers have complained long, loud and lawyerly about noise emanating from the club that allegedly kept many awake until 2 a.m. This represents the second Hollywood rebuff to the bar's owner, Sam Nazarian, the young nightlife/hospitality/media tycoon whose SBE group owns the Philippe Starck-designed Katsuya sushi restaurant next door.

In 2005 Nazarian tried to transform the old Antenna clothing store on

Hollywood Boulevard into a Danceteria-like club complex called Shelter.

(See L.A. Weekly, “Party Monstrosity.”)

Despite political backing from L.A. City Councilmen Eric Garcetti,

there was so much  community and LAPD pushback over the proposed club

— and what seemed to be a perfect storm of parking, traffic and

disorderly patron headaches — that Nazarian was forced to abandon that


An SBE statement sent to the L.A. Weekly

announced S Bar's closure at the Broadway Hollywood location, tartly

noting the steps Nazarian had taken to mollify the tenants' noise

concerns, which proved implaccable.  “In keeping with its goal of

maintaining a responsible and considerate role within the community  —

[SBE] will relocate S Bar.”

An SBE spokeswoman confirmed that

the company will maintain ownership of S Bar's former space, although

no decision has been made on its future makeup. It will certainly be a

quieter tomorrow, which triggers mixed feelings about the new

Hollywood. On the one hand most of us can feel for residents who can't

sleep because they live next to drunks or frat boys. On the other, the

condo dwellers remind us of people who move next to airports and then

sign petitions to curtail flights because of noise and traffic.

LA Weekly