Tonight is the last episode of “Larry King Live” on CNN, which comes as a welcome distraction for the DWP-divided L.A. City Council this casual Friday.

(Don't worry, reruns of “Larry King [Not] Live” will probably haunt you the rest of your life, like Michael Jackson music videos and “Airplane!”. Not to imply King's death is near! He's just one of those lovable skeletons no network could cut out of its lineup cold-turkey.)

L.A. City Councilman Bernard C. Parks, more than any of his colleagues, loves him some Larry King. So much so, that —

striking a regal I-dub-thee pose he learned in his time as police chief — Parks is declaring his fave newsie “King for a Day” and giving a fun-loving presentation on King's contributions to the second-best American city for journalism. (Thank you, Larry King, for never leaving for New York Shitty. You too, Conan. And you, Christine Pelisek, coincidentally honored by both CNN and the City Council this year for her work, well, here at LA Weekly!)

The presser reads:

Councilmember Bernard C. Parks will present a resolution to Larry King, declaring Friday “Larry King Day” in the City of Los Angeles, where he will reign as “King for a Day”. The Friday City Council presentation will follow the final broadcast of CNN's Larry King Live on Thursday evening. The show has originated from CNN's Los Angeles Bureau since the mid-90's.

In 2008, the City Council wasted some more time honoring King for his 50-year career mark. They “officially” named the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Cahuenga Avenue, which is adjacent to the CNN studio, “Larry King Square.”

Looks like they forgot to tell Google. (Or the Hollywood Farmers Market/L.A. Film School, who both seem to think the corner belongs to them.)

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How bout y'all?

Will you do like a local politician and celebrate “Larry King Day” tomorrow? Or at least watch his last show tonight?

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