Laptop Lifestyle Master: How Jet van Wijk’s Program Is Changing the Game for Freelancers

Millions of people are stuck in 9 to 5s they hate and have no idea how to break free from. They show up for work only to put food on the table without any hope of finding a truly fulfilling career. This is where Jet van Wijk is closing the information gap, helping people find a laptop lifestyle they love. She is an entrepreneur and business coach who has helped thousands find fulfilling careers online. Van Wijk stands apart from other business mentors because she has walked the 9 to 5 path and lived all the struggles that millions face. Helping others become high-ticket freelancers is her passion and not just a source of income.

Van Wijk grew up in the Netherlands and studied international hospitality. She worked for Hilton Hotels in London and was offered a good position in a 9 to 5 job. However, the thought of spending hours at a desk working for someone else didn’t feel right to van Wijk, so she decided to find a career online. While living in tropical countries during her academic career, van Wijk organically gained a follower base and chose to be an influencer. But the negatives of being an influencer took a toll on her mental health, and she decided to quit. Van Wijk founded her own digital marketing company and soon realized that living the laptop lifestyle was possible, and she didn’t have to trade her dreams for money. According to van Wijk, “If you do something you love or are passionate about, then you can make way more money than someone who does something they hate.”

As someone who has always loved to help others, van Wijk thought of sharing her knowledge and experience with others so they could find fulfilling careers. She decided to be a business coach and created a group coaching program called the Laptop Lifestyle Master Program. “This is now my biggest focus while my agency still runs passively,” she says. Van Wijk firmly believes that “humans were not meant to work 9–5s or do jobs we hate.” Her goal as a mentor is to “make sure that the ‘work’ we do is 1) something we’re passionate about, and 2) something that has flexibility in location and timing, so we’re not 90 years old and regret actually living life.”

The Laptop Lifestyle Master Program helps people find their niche and develop the necessary digital skills to convert their passions into successful business ventures. It is significantly better than going to university to learn about business through books written 5 to 8 years ago. Van Wijk has personally invested thousands of dollars in mentorship programs and coaches because she wanted to learn quickly through the most up-to-date information. Her message to those who think they don’t need a mentor to learn about business is, “If you decide to do it without a coach, you are going to waste a lot of time, make many useless mistakes, and struggle more to try things. And in the end, your time is worth money.”

There are endless career opportunities online, and high-ticket freelancing is more achievable than ever before. You can learn digital skills, market your services, land clients, and scale as much as you want. This is exactly what Jet van Wijk teaches in her Laptop Lifestyle Master Program. She wants people to live the lives they want and be in complete control of their work lives. Considering the positive changes in the global economy, the demand for skilled freelancers will rise in the coming years. Van Wijk wants to reach more and more people through her program to help them explore these opportunities and create fulfilling careers.

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