A federal investigation was launched in August of 2020 after multiple sightings of what was believed to be a man in a jet pack flying near airplanes in Los Angeles.

The most recent “Jet pack man” sighting came in June 2021 and LAPD video obtained by FOX 11 showed what investigators now believe was a Jack Skellington balloon.

The video was taken from the perspective of an LAPD helicopter pilot, and a slender Jack Skellington-like figure flow toward the front of the plane on its left hand side.

In the most recent sighting, multiple reports were received by the LAX tower, with pilots referring to the flying object as “Iron Man” the Marvel superhero who frequently flew near airplanes in the hit films.

One of the first sightings came in August of 2020, with an American Airlines pilot also saying they saw a person flying close to surrounding planes.

The FBI is still conducting an investigation, and acknowledged the theory that balloons were a possibility.

“The FBI has worked closely with the FAA to investigate reported jetpack sightings in the Los Angeles area, none of which have been verified,” The FBI said in a statement to FOX 11. “One working theory is that pilots might have seen balloons.”

As of Monday, none of the sightings have been verified by the FBI or the Federal Aviation Administration.

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