Speaking near a sidewalk memorial, LAPD First Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell has just disclosed the identities of the driver and passengers of the car that struck two USC students early Sunday morning. Los Angeles resident

Claudia Cabrera, 30, was arrested today and remains in Van Nuys Women's Jail against a $1 million bond. She faces gross vehicular manslaughter charges for her alleged hit-and-run crime, in which Adrianna Bachan, 18, was killed, and Marcus Garfinkle, 19, seriously injured.

Press conference photo: Alejandra Vargas-Johnson/Daily Trojan

The two students were crossing Jefferson Boulevard near Hoover Street, just off campus, when the eastbound Cabrera allegedly struck them. Still at large is Cabrera's husband, Josue Luna, 31, whom McDonnell identified as the shaved-head passenger who pulled Garfinkle off the green 2000 Infiniti, after it drove 300-400 feet with him on its windshield. After the couple drove off, Luna allegedly held the windshield in place with his hand. A seven-month-old infant was also in the sedan at the time. McDonnell said Cabrera was driving with a suspended license and that the car has not yet been found, although police understand, through tips, that the windshield has been replaced.

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