The LAPD might not yet have its guard down, but the union that represents L.A. police declared that “Christopher Dorner's reign of terror is over.”

With room to breath a little easier following a shootout and fire near Big Bear that authorities indicate probably claimed Dorner's life, union president Tyler Izen defended the department against the ex-cop's apparent rant against the LAPD for allegedly wronging him:

Dorner's senseless murder of completely innocent people makes it clear that his deranged behavior was not the result of supposed ill treatment by the LAPD, concussions sustained playing football, attempts to reveal the “truth,” or any other excuse he offered in his written ramblings. Murder is never justified. Only a homicidal narcissist would think so.

This after Chief Charlie Beck announced that the case that led to Dorner's undoing at the department, one in which he accused his training officer of kicking a suspect (he was determined to be the one lying), would be reexamined.

Credit: Tyler Izen

Credit: Tyler Izen

The leader of the L.A. Police Protective League expressed the union's “deepest condolences” to those believed to have been slain by the ex-officer and called their families the “true victims in this tragic saga.”

And given that about 50 LAPD law enforcers were allegedly targeted by Dorner in a vengeful manifesto, Izen expressed relief:

We are grateful that it appears that this reign of terror is over. Christopher Dorner intended to wreak havoc and terrorize Los Angeles and all of law enforcement who protect our communities. Instead, he reminded us that evil is outmatched and overcome by the goodness of millions of residents and peace officers who stand in unity to do what is right and just.

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