The LAPD's party car is back.

And while you might think, yeah, lights and sirens are kind of cool to party to — woo-woo — it's not that kind of party car, unfortunately. No, this is an extra patrol unit dedicated to shutting down raucous gangster parties in the Northeast San Fernando Valley.

Cops say they needed it:

From the beginning of the year through August, at which time the party car was shut down as a result of funding, police say they responded to 2,100 parties in the Northeast Valley.

This week the department announced that, with the help of Councilman Richard Alarcon, the funding is back, and the party patrol will return just in time for Halloween and the holidays.

Some neighbors have been unhappy with the house parties-turned gangsta-clubs in the neighborhoods.

Credit: Suzanne Danziger

Credit: Suzanne Danziger

Capt. Todd Chamberlain:

We're not talking about kids' birthday parties or baptisms. These are adult parties with heavy drinking, loud music, and often sponsored and attended by gang members.

In fact they face some serious, hardcore crime on party patrol, cops argue: On Oct. 14 three men were stabbed at a party in Sylmar.

Who said it's not a party until somebody dies? But really, these parties are scary.

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