Despite the Los Angeles City Council's economic and travel boycott of Arizona over its controversial illegal immigration law (SB1070), four Los Angeles police air-unit officers went to Tucson anyway for law enforcement training. Though funding for the conference was denied by city leaders, the cops were able to attend with money from the union that represents Los Angeles Police Department officers.

“They came here on their own time, expending their own resources,” James Di Giovanna of the Airborne Law Enforcement Association, the organization holding the conference, told KVOA.

According to Los Angeles Police Protective League president Paul Weber, “The decision to boycott Arizona was a political one by the Los Angeles City Council, not the 10,000 rank and file officers.”

“The Los Angeles Police Protective League is not boycotting the Airborne Law Enforcement Training in Tucson,” he stated.

The three-day seminar, which began on Wednesday, brings together over 1,200 practioners and service providers from around the world to meet on issues facing airborne law enforcement agencies.

[Spotted at LA Observed].

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