The real punk shit went down outside the mosh pit at last night's A Day to Remember concert (opened by Bring Me the Horizon) at the all-ages Hollywood Palladium.

Though Tweeters told of tension between ADTR and BMTH fans in a rowdy, sardine-packed pit…

… the chaos peaked at 10 p.m., when an off-duty LAPD officer walking to the parking lot after working security at the retro theater was stabbed in the hand by a man with a knife.

Sergeant Michael Ventura told City News Service that another off-duty officer who was walking with the stabbing victim commanded the man to drop the knife — then shot him in the back. According to the news-wire report:

The suspect was struck once in the back and taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries, Ventura said.

An administrative investigation was ongoing as well as a criminal investigation, with the officer considered a crime victim, Ventura said. Charges were not determined.

All this went down on El Centro Avenue, right where it breaks off from Sunset Boulevard.

The Palladium is a historic rock 'n' roll haven in the heart of Hollywood. From the Weekly's venue archive:

After a long renovation, the Palladium was reopened in 2008 by promoters Live Nation, who restored the grand old ballroom to its former state, with glittery chandeliers and other new furnishings, as well as a vastly improved sound system. An upstairs balcony circles around the room, and there are a half dozen full bars scattered around the venue. Paid parking is available in the Palladium's adjoining lot and on the street [right where the crime occurred].

An always fabulous Jeffree Star, who joined the underage mob at last night's screamo fest, didn't seem to mind the lights and sirens:

Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Updates to come. Did you attend the concert or witness the stabbing/shooting? Let us know.


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