LAPD Chief Charlie Beck trotted out a table full of guns on Thursday and proclaimed that this year's gun buyback was the most successful ever.

Turns out: no. The buyback brought in 2,037 guns. That makes it the third most successful event (out of five).
In other words, it was a completely average gun buyback. Here are the stats:

2010: 2,511
2011: 2,062
2012 (12/26): 2,037
2009: 1,696
2012 (5/12); 1,673
The LAPD claim that Wednesday's event was the most successful buyback ever has been picked up by media outlets, despite the ready availability of statistics showing otherwise. 
Perhaps it would have been more successful if they hadn't run out of Ralphs gift cards.
They did, however, bring in some collectible rocket launchers.

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