Los Angeles police on Wednesday announced they uncovered a pot growing operation 25 feet from its Topanga Division station in Canoga park after cops in the nearby parking lot smelled the telltale pot aroma about a week ago and initiated an investigation.

Officer Karen Rayner of the Los Angeles Police Department said a search warrant was served about 3 p.m. at 8411 Canoga Ave., which is behind the Topanga station.


When LA Weekly phoned to ask if Sgt. Stedenko had made the bust, she was unavailable for comment (but we left a message).

But seriously folks, this is what happens when you have a medical marijuana economy that's out of control in the city: Some idiot actually thought it was cool to grow weed within wafting distance of 5-0's home.

While the City Council continually puts off its long-awaited ordinance to regulate pot dispensaries and collectives in Los Angeles, police deal with this kind of stuff everyday. Where does all the weed sold at the 800 or so dispensaries come from? Our guess is places like this. And it's getting out of hand.

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