The LAPD and FBI announced Monday that a task force was created to investigate criminal activity that occurred parallel to George Floyd demonstrations. 

Joining the LAPD and FBI on the SAFE L.A. task force will be the Los Angeles Fire Department, the L.A. County District Attorney’s office, the L.A. City Attorney’s office and local police departments where they believe crimes took place. 

The task force is investigating crimes dating back to May 29, and have identified over 150 assaults on officers and civilians, 139 assaults with a deadly weapon on officers and civilians, 14 batteries on police officers and five attempted murders on police officers, four of which have led to arrests and charges. 

The task force has also noted 10 arson crimes, releasing the photos of seven suspects who have been placed on the FBI’s most wanted list.

“We are looking for these suspects related to arson, looting and assaults on police officers and other victims,” Deputy Chief of Detectives Kris Pitcher said during a briefing Monday. “We have been receiving tips, videos… verbal tips and other useful information that is helping us in our investigations to bring these individuals to justice.”

They have asked the public to assist in identifying the suspects, offering up to $10,000 rewards for help in their arrests. 

There were officially seven police vehicles vandalized, and investigations are taking place using tips and videos taken at the time. 

Robbery and homicide detectives are specifically investigating 20 acts of looting in the city of Los Angeles.

“As you can see in some of the pictures, face coverings are causing a problem in identifying the individuals,” Lt. Ben Fernandes said. “However, there are other things that are visible that might make them identifiable.”

At least five arrests have been made by the task force. 

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