Los Angeles Police Department detective Paul Coulter wrote in a search warrant released today that: “I believe there are additional, as yet unidentified, victims of Lonnie David Franklin Jr.”

Detectives admitted earlier this week that the alleged Grim Sleeper Franklin could be responsible for as many as 30 additional murders. Police are searching through dozens of old cold cases dating back to the 80s when Franklin was a parking attendant with the Los Angeles Police Department. Most of Franklin's alleged murders occurred between 1985 and 1989 when Franklin worked as a truck operator. All the women, including the sole survivor, were shot with the same 25 caliber pistol.

The killings resumed again in 2002. His last victim, Janecia Peters, was found in a dumpster near 94th Street and Western Avenue on January 1, 2007. Peters was shot with a 25 caliber but police determined that a different gun was used.

Franklin, 57, was arrested at his home on West 81st Street. The car thief had a long criminal history dating back to the late 60's.

Coulter wrote that most of the Grim Sleeper victims were shot with a 25 caliber pistol with the “trajectories of the gunshot wounds were left to right, slightly front to back and slightly downward.” It is widely believed that the killer shot his victims when they were sitting next to him in the passenger seat of his vehicle.

Details also emerged that DNA evidence found at the Peters' crime scene came from a plastic zip tie used to secure the plastic trash bag containing the 25-year-old beauty.

According to the search warrant, DNA evidence found on victims Barbara Ware, Valerie McCorvey, Bernita Sparks, Mary Lowe and Princess Berthomieux matched Franklin.

LA Weekly