Ever since Los Angeles Police Department Chief Bill Bratton announced his resignation last week, it's as if the guy has become some kind of victorious, military hero who fought a horrible, bloody mission in some god-forsaken land…and now he gets to take a well-deserved break to enjoy the spoils.

What a lot of people seem to forget, however, is that Bratton's mission is far from complete — he has three years remaining on his LAPD contract.

In the L.A Times, for example, politicians such as Eric Garcetti can't say enough about Bratton. “He's the kind of person who likes to tackle a problem, or problems,

and he's done that,” Garcetti says in an interview, “and so now, he really feels like

this is about maintenance and a good time to move on to the next

chapter of his life.”

Witness L.A.

blogger Celeste Fremon strokes the chief's ego as she tries to quell any rumors about the chief's

leaving: “Bill Bratton would not be leaving LA because he was running

from some

kind of fight or challenge. Put that out of your mind. It's not in his


And L.A. Daily News reporters wrote these glowing words, complete with the imagery of a Wild West sheriff, for an article titled, “Bratton Leaving a Legacy of Success”

“L.A.'s top crime fighter is hanging up his

holster and riding out of town, leaving many Angelenos wondering if the

city will slip into a state of growing lawlessness. But if Chief William Bratton's legacy in Boston and New

York is any indication, law enforcement experts say Los Angeles has

nothing to worry about.”

Fishbowl LA, though, was one of the few media outlets that asked if Bratton is actually “pullin' a Palin.” Like former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who left her job without finishing her term in office, the chief is also leaving his post prematurely. Doesn't sound like something a hero would do.

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