After pro cyclist Tyler Hamilton sung to the world about Lance Armstrong's alleged doping-while-competing regimen the two came face to face last weekend at an Aspen restaurant.

And yeah, it was on.

According to the New York Times, Hamiton's attorney says Amstrong, obviously the shot-caller here, threw his arm out to block his old teammate and then started berating him.

This after Hamilton appeared on 60 Minutes to reveal that he witnessed Armstrong allegedly dope up multiple times.

(We use the word “dope” here lightly, as what some riders do is essentially boost their blood oxygen for greater stamina).

Hamilton also appears to be a star witness in what is reportedly a growing, Los Angeles federal grand jury investigation into (and possibly it's case against) Armstrong's alleged doping.

Chris Manderson, Hamilton's lawyer, told the Times this is what Armstrong said during the Saturday night confrontation at Aspen's Cache Cache eatery:

We're going to destroy you on the witness stand and we're going to make your life a living hell …

For real though. Skinny guy-a-skinny guy.

Actually, we heard this is what really happened:

Armstrong: What up snitch. Heard you been talkin' out your neck, ese.

Hamilton: What what, Arm-weak. What you know about this? (Displays knuckles).

(Dust, punching sounds, sirens. Crying. I'm sorry. No I'm sorry. I love you man.).

No, seriously. The FBI is apparently looking into the possibility that Armstrong, being the beefy intimidator that he is, violated witness tampering laws by confronting and possibly threatening his ex-teammate.

Of course, they would have to prove that anyone would feel threatened by a 90 pound bicyclist.


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