The Lakers won at the buzzer last night on a Ron Artest put-back off of a Kobe Bryant air ball. But that, it turns out, is not what made Suns coach Alvin Gentry sick to his stomach. In fact, Gentry threw up in the first half, and claimed to feel much better afterward. So what was the cause of his illness? TNT first reported that he ate a deep fried avocado, but that was later refuted as we found that Gentry, in fact, had a grilled artichoke for lunch somewhere downtown. He blamed the dipping sauce.

Our attempts to find out where Gentry had this meal have been unsuccessful, although TNT analyst and former UCLA star Reggie Miller thought that whoever served him, “knew it was Alvin Gentry.” So did somebody intentionally poison the coach, and did that perhaps explain why Channing Frye was in at the end of the game rather than the seven foot defensive specialist Robin Lopez? We will perhaps never know. But we'll be checking downtown menus for artichokes.

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