Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Cristian Granucci is under investigation after posting video calling out his union and saying COVID-19 vaccine mandates were  ‘tyranny.’

The 12-minute video was posted to the Telegram app on August 23, with the 31-year veteran wearing an LAFD hat and shirt, and opening the video saying, “I’m probably going to catch total grief from my administration from this.”

“I am done being silent on this matter and so are many of our members,” Granucci said in the video. “We saw this tyranny coming.”

On August 18, the Los Angeles City Council approved a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for all city workers, stating employees would have to get their first dose by September 7 and be fully vaccinated by October 1.

Granucci was also critical of the union and threatened legal action against it.

“We want to give our union the opportunity to step in front of this and do the right thing,” Granucci said. “But know this—there is a large group of us in the hundreds and we have an attorney on retainer and he is a shark.”

In a statement to NPR, the Local 112 union said it has encouraged vaccinations from its staff, butdo not support any city policies that make it a condition of employment.”

While the vaccine requirement has not yet signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti, he said he supported the move by the council.

“We have some of the most hard-working and dedicated employees anywhere — people who stepped up to save lives during the most challenging year of our lives, without ever losing sight of their work to make our City stronger, safer, and more equitable,” Garcetti said on August 18. “The Delta variant continues to spread, and it is more important than ever that people get vaccinated as soon as they can. As the Council President and I said last month, this requirement will help protect the health and safety of those who keep our city running and the Angelenos who rely on the services they provide every day.”

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