Wheat germ? Probably not, but as readers may know, rapper Lil Wayne was released from Rikers Island yesterday after serving eight months on a gun possession charge.

Even former president Bill Clinton was excited for the occasion (read on), and while some fans took to Twitter to celebrate (#welcomehomeweezy), and others simply folded up their “Free Weezy” T-shirts, one decided to rap about it.

That's San Francisco's flaxen-haired Pony P who, thanks to her crazy/hilarious/stupid song “Weezy is FREEstyle,” will now and forever be associated with the winning couplet:

“Call me fudge-whipped / From suckin' hella black dick.”

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Listen to the song here:

weezy iz FREEstyle by ponyp

Again, that was:

“Bumpin' Wayne, free Wayne / You think this is a fucking game? / I'll fuck him and get preggers / I'm insane, I wrote him letters. / Expressing my concern, he sent me back a bag of sperm / So I drank it, Oh yummy / So many rappers in my tummy.”

We have a feeling Slick Willy would appreciate a rap like that. Here's the man himself, weighing in on Weezy's release:

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