Brooklyn-bred, L.A.- based electro pop duo Purple Crush are suing Rob Fusari, the producer who discovered Lady Gaga and produced some of her biggest hits. They say they are owed payment for their work on her most recent album and their work for his other artists.

The tracks they composed didn’t make it onto Gaga’s 2011 release, Born This Way, but the husband and wife duo — Isla Cheadle and Jared Selter — say they logged hundreds of unpaid studio hours for Rob Fusari’s clients, which also include Macy Gray, Greyson Chance, and Little Boots.

Fusari is a well-known music industry figure. In addition to working with Gaga, he also dated her, coined her moniker, and was in the news last year for suing her. She counter-sued, but both suits were dismissed, leading to speculation that a settlement agreement had been reached.

The duo says Fusari would send them parts of songs — such as a keyboard line or chords — which they used to compose tracks and which would then go to his artists to write lyrics and melodies over. All of the work was done in their home studio, first in Brooklyn, and then in Los Angeles.

Cheadle says Fusari told them that their songs were in consideration for Born This Way, and also that the producer — who co-wrote “Paparazzi” — promised to get them signed. “It became this struggle between us as artists and us as employees,” says Cheadle. “Getting us a record deal became this carrot he dangled in front of us.”

According to the duo, they asked Fusari to settle in April for $10,000, but he refused and promptly sued them for $15,500. They counter-sued and the matters are currently stuck in legal limbo as the duo try to find a lawyer. They say that they have been unable to find one whom they can afford and is willing to represent them.

Fusari declined to comment for this story. We’ll keep you updated.

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