Maybe if self-proclaimed “best person in the world” Fabrice Fabrice spent as much time researching the celebrities he interviews as he spends on his chopsticky facial hair, he wouldn't have to perform at little booze-free box theaters. Mr. Fabrice, a.k.a. Nick Kroll, is a hit with the kids in New York, so, of course, he's going Hollywood for our benefit. He's sort of like a Jiminy Glick for the hipster set, milking his reputation as craft-services coordinator for such shows as That's So Raven . For a Muthaf*ckin' Evening With Fabrice Fabrice , he promises, “come to this show or I will cut your face until you look like Seal.” By the way, F. Fab, we can say “fuck” in this newspaper. That's how cool we are. Kroll adds: “I haven't confirmed yet but i should have a pretty special f**king guest or two.”

Fri., Jan. 9, 8 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly