This just in: Your commute tomorrow is going to blow.

That's according to the good people at INRIX, who use complicated but oh-so-precise forecasting to explain what's happening on L.A.'s roadways (and, OK, sell their traffic app, too).

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Spokeswoman Chryst'l Sanchez tells the Weekly that INRIX's forecasts show a 39 percent increase over normal weekday traffic in Los Angeles tomorrow, the Friday before Labor Day. All those people trying to skip town, wouldn't you know?

She explains:

Since 2011, L.A. saw a slight decrease in traffic on the Friday before Labor Day; however, because the latest traffic data shows traffic is back on the rise for six consecutive months (according to the latest INRIX Gridlock Index), the company forecasts a sharp spike in traffic this year because more people are hitting the roads and spending as the economy continues to bounce back.

How bad is that increase? Among the six big U.S. cities the company looked at — L.A., New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Boston — L.A.'s is the worst. The average increase nationwide is predicted to be just 10 percent compared to our 39.

We're told that 3-5 p.m. will be the worst time to be on the roads tomorrow, so either plan to duck out before lunch or stay late at the office.

Or, how about this? Stop being part of the problem already and just stay home.

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