While traditionally known as the global editorial epicenter of heat flowers and hash, we always make sure to highlight a lineup of edibles we know will make your Halloween great. As with most editions, this year features some Halloween-themed fun in addition to new products that are on point.  

So when you run out to stock up on candy for Sunday night, don’t forget to love yourself a little bit too. 


Jelly Wizard

Jelly Wizard

Courtesy of Jelly Wizard

We were there at Kushstock when Jelly Wizard made their first sale on the legal market and their party at Hall of Flowers was one of the highlights of California’s first big pot business conference since the pandemic. Jelly Wizard is now available on more shelves than ever. Go check out why they’ve had one of the biggest edible launches of 2021.


Platinum – Pina De Los Muertos

Pina De Los Muertos

Courtesy of Platinum

San Diego-based platinum is getting in on the Halloween action with their Day of the Dead gummies. Platinum told us Day of the Dead is about honoring those who have come before us and surrounding yourself with comfort. The tropical-flavored gummies are also one of the most accessible products on the list. You can find them in California, Michigan and Oklahoma. 


Cheeba Chews – Trifecta Be Happy Taffy

Cheeba Chews are a timeless edible company that has been at the top of the market since the medical era. Their latest offering is the Trifecta Be Happy Taffy that features a 1:1:1 formulation of CBG, CBD & THC totaling 300 milligrams of active cannabinoids. You’ll be able to get your hands on them in Colorado, California, Nevada, Oklahoma and Massachusetts.


Punch – Malt Balls

Punch Malt Balls courtesy of Punch Edibles

Courtesy of Punch Edibles

The newest offering from one of the most respected edible lines in SoCal. We’ve been psyched on them for a while. While the whole spread is delish, we definitely destroyed the peanut butter flavor the fastest. The tubes also double as awesome blunt holders, so eat them all for before you go trick-or-treating and then preroll.


Plus – Cloudberry

Plus Cloudberry Gummies courtesy of Jelly Wizard

Courtesy of Plus

Plus is calling their new lineup the industry’s first dual-action edible. It’s a stronger dose option than in the past at 5mg THC with 1mg each of CBN and CBD. So after you’re too uppity from eating your kid’s Reese’s Cups you can pop a few CBN laced gummies to help you get some shuteye. Plus claims onset eight minutes after consumption with their new nanoemulsion tech. 


Space Gems Syrup

Copy of TinctureBlackberry

Courtesy of Space Gems

Whether you’re trying to make a sidewalk soda to enjoy while you watch your kids go door to door or are trying to get your rapper friend to stop drinking cough syrup recreationally, the good folks at Space Gem have you covered. The bottle technically has 600Mg in it because it qualifies as a tincture. So you could make a drink six times stronger than any single edible available on the legal market. 


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