Who are the best people in L.A? We are, of course. (We kid).

But seriously, it's that time of year for LA Weekly's “Best of L.A. People” issue and if you're not a people person, it's not for you.

While in years past you might have had to wait for the print edition on Thursday, you'll find all our top peeps right now online, thanks to the magic of 0s and 1s. We've got mini-profiles of …

Only the best.

Only the best.

Pilar Allesandra, scriptwriting teacher extraordinaire.

Jamie Court, consumer bulldog.

Pau Gasol, L.A.'s favorite Spaniard.

J*DaVeY, new-wave funk act.

Jane Oshita, Hollywood ass-kicker.

Danny Trejo, tough guy who happens to act.

And much, much more.

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