This year we finally did it. We secured the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts before the day itself and we couldn’t be more pleased. Somehow V Day always sneaks up on us as we emerge from the new year haze… but not this year. This year, we were ready with our list of the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, each present chosen for its uniqueness and Valentine’s Day-adjacent theme. No matter if you’re buying a Valentine’s Day gift for yourself (we sure are), your lover, your spouse that you’re sick of quarantining with or your galentines, our list of this year’s LA Weekly Valentine’s Day Box gift inclusions will make gift-giving a breeze and make you look like you’ve mastered every type of love language there is. 




Belgian Boys

A tasty idea baked up by two childhood friends, Belgian Boys is an homage to a childhood in Belgium filled with delicious European treats. As adults, both moved to New York City; while overjoyed at the vast cultural diversity of the culinary scene, they were disheartened over the lack of authentic representation of their favorites: stroopwafels, cookie tarts, French crepes and more. So, they decided to do something about it and thus Belgian Boys was born, bringing America treats made from premium, non-GMO ingredients that evoke the cozy European kitchens of their youth. Included in the Valentine’s Day box is one of their best-selling baked goods: cookie tarts. Made in a variety of flavors – choco caramel, lemon and raspberry – these crowd-pleasers are a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Ourselves? We’re envisioning a dessert charcuterie board featuring all the flavors! | @belgianboys

Bethenny Valentine's Day Gift 2022

Bethenny Eyewear

Inspired by the authentic personality of its founder, Bethenny Frankel, the Bethenny Eyewear brand offers sensible solutions with a little extra flair. The collection includes fashion forward, innovative and high quality sun, reader and blue light solutions to protect your eyes while elevating any look. Launched on HSN last year, the Bethenny sunglasses were extremely well received and sold out in 1 day! You’ll look like the star you are in these chic sunnies designed with scratch and impact resistant lenses that offer 100% UVA-UVB lens protection. These shades will quickly become your go-to pair so use the stylish envelope case to take them on-the-go along with other essentials like a credit card and your favorite lip gloss. | @bethennyfrankel

Binske Valentine's Day Gift


Buy it for the gorgeous packaging, keep it for the vacation high. A brand dedicated to higher living, Binske sells some killer cannabis in all the strains you need to make your days brighter and nights dreamy. “Binske is dedicated to delivering an elevated cannabis experience like no other that affords everyone a taste of the high life, anywhere any time,” the founder tells us, and we can honestly say that this promise is delivered tenfold after enjoying a luxurious bite, sip or hit. From dank flower and pre rolls to edibles, ratio gummies (our fave), diamonds, sauce, resin, carts and more, Binske does it all. They are offering their Espresso cannabis bar as a Valentine’s Day treat, and we think it’s the perfect pairing for the day of love! | @binske

Bols Cocktails

No matter is you like sparkling, fresh, smooth, complex, floral or fruity cocktails (or maybe all of the above), Bols Cocktails has the perfect sip for you. Recently made available in the USA, Bols prides itself as being the world’s first cocktail brand. Their revolutionary range of premium liquors and genevers (genever is a clear, botanical-forward malted spirit that comes from the Holland and Belgium appellations) cater to any mood you may have, and on Valentine’s Day, we have many. We recommend their premade Espresso Martini, as not only will it pair perfectly with the item above, but because it’s simply heavenly with it’s rich creaminess lending notes of an energizing dark roast. According to Bols, the Espresso Martini originated in a 1980’s London bar when a young supermodel requested of the bartender “wake me up and f*ck me up.” That phrase drives our Valentine’s Day mood this year. | @bolscocktailsUSA

cbdMD Botanicals

cbdMD Botanicals was created to allow people to experience the purest ingredients in nature and the power of CBD. A mind/body wellness experience like no other, cbdMD has a mission to enhance the overall quality of life of their clients, while bringing CBD education, awareness and accessibility to all. In line with that vision of accessibility, they have pioneered a botanical CBD skincare line full of luxurious products. cbdMD Botanicals caters to every skin type and need, allowing every age and lifestyle to unlock the potential of Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extracts. Featuring an exfoliating facial cleanser, body oil, body butter and an exfoliating body sugar in three different scents – deep sea, coconut and lavender – your skin will thank you for adding cbdMD Botanicals to your skincare routine. We think that body sugar would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself and others! What could be more lovely than self care? | @cbdmd.botanicals

Cool Cat

Cool Cat premium wine spritzers live up to their name as a hip new canned wine that makes you feel bubbly and bright with every sip. Already our favorite drink for summer (we refuse to acknowledge that negative groundhog), Cool Cat comes in four fun flavors that we just can’t get enough of: elderflower mint lime (aka Original), berry, grapefruit and citrus. Each can has only two grams of sugar and is gluten free. With a delightful 6.9% alcohol/volume ratio, you can buy the cans online or in person at stores in CA, CT, FL, GA, NJ, NY, NC and VA. With one naturally-flavored can equating to two glasses of wine, these cans go a long way! From enjoying by themselves to mixing them into a cocktail, Cool Cat is the perfect boozy V-Day present to ensure a great day. | @drinkcoolcat 


A battery-free vape for dry herb (isn’t the modern world of cannabis amazing?), DynaVap is the perfect gift for your cannabis flower-loving lover. Why? Well, DynaVap multiplies your supply. Not really, but it feels like it as with this vaporizer you get way more from your material than you would by simply smoking it the old-school way. It also takes terpenes to a new high (pardon the pun) making flavors bloom like never before. DynaVap also eliminates combustion, allowing users to go smoke-free, and as such is discrete, allowing you to get out and enjoy your herb anywhere! Also, they just look super cool. If you have a stoner you love, a DynaVap vape will blow their socks off in more ways than one. Take your Valentine’s Day higher with these vapes that are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in-house using the highest quality materials available. | @dynavap

Joia Spirit 

Joia Spirit are refreshing premium craft cocktails ready whenever and wherever you celebrate this Valentine’s Day. All Joia Spirit cocktails are made with real spirits, real (and minimal) ingredients and are naturally gluten free and vegan. They’re modern twists on timeless, classic recipes – True cocktail flavors in the convenience of a can! Joia Spirit craft cocktails include a Sparkling Cosmopolitan with cranberry, lime and pear. A Sparkling Moscow Mule with ginger, apricot and lime, and a grapefruit, chamomile and cardamom Sparkling Greyhound. Three other fantastic cocktails round up the Joia Spirit family, Sparkling Margarita, Sparkling Gimlet and Sparkling Vodka Soda – plenty of choices for a variety of palates! Visit to find your favorite cocktail near you. | @joiaspirit

Kaneh Co.

Kaneh Co.’s signature baked good – the Best of Both Worlds Brownies – are comforting and nostalgic in every bite.  Each mini brownie in the 10 pack Classics bag is infused with 10mg of THC, with a total of 100mg per bag. The rich fudge brownies are embedded with chocolate chip cookies to combine two quintessential bakery treats. Kaneh Co. has been baking these crowd pleasers since 2015. | @kanehedibles

Le Grand Courtâge

Whether you’re celebrating Galentines or Valentines, Le Grand Courtâge will be the perfect plus one to your party. Made in the spirit of joie de vivre, each sip encourages you to celebrate the art of elevating the everyday, not just the holidays. Le Grand Courtâge means the great courtship, with bubbles to enjoy on days celebrating love, or on days when you feel like honoring the courtship of a great life. We’ve tried both the Blanc De Blancs Brut and Brut Rosé, and can confirm that this is the closest you’ll get to living a day like Emily in Paris. Try a glass for yourself and discover the je ne sais quoi that a good wine, and a good life, has to offer. | @legrandcourtage


Enhance your environment with LINNEA! Choose from their collection of fine fragrance goods inspired by their most meaningful moments and collected experiences, or try LINNEA’s #1 best-selling fragrance for the past 12 years and counting, Cashmere. Inspired by soft and sensual cashmere draping the skin, comforting warmth on a brisk day, and memories of home. Surround yourself with notes of chamomile, amber woods, and patchouli. | @linneaco


Mendo Mountains Co.

Mendo Mountains Co. is a woman-owned cannabis wellness company with humble beginnings, sourcing exclusively from their organic family farm in the hills of Mendocino, CA. Their most popular product is their CannaSalve, a hand and body salve made with organic coconut oil, cacao butter and unique blend of wildflower extractions and naturally foraged botanical herbs. It’s a high potency pain relief remedy that utilizes all that a full spectrum product with THC and CBD have to offer. | @mendomountainsco

Mohave Cannabis Co.

Mohave Cannabis Co. is a family of hard-working, never-give-up, ready to have a good time kind of people. Cultivating is their craft – and other than the size of the company, and a nice list of awards, nothing has changed. They’ll always be the same humble people you’d like to smoke a joint with, and they’ll still be growing some of the best cannabis in Arizona and California right along the Colorado River. | @mohavegearco


Meticulously crafted in Spain, we’re blessed to be able to enjoy the taste of authentic sangria right here at home without spending thousands on travel. With three fresh brews to choose from – strawberry lemonade, traditional fruits and lemon ginger – this genuine Spanish sangria comes in eco-friendly cans making them portable and tidy, perfect for enjoying at home or at your favorite park. A light-bodied, fruity and refreshing alternative to boring regular wine, each batch is packaged in a unique, environmentally conscious CARTOCAN. By doing this, PULPOLOCO SANGRIA has an extended shelf life without the need for any preservatives. There’s something seductive about a traditional sangria, and we can’t imagine a more appropriate accessory to our Valentine’s Day. Deliciosa! | @pulpolocosangria

Rancho La Gloria Margarita Valentine's Day Gift

Rancho La Gloria Margarita

The worst thing about drinking margaritas is having to wait for them to be made. The founders of Rancho La Gloria Margarita agreed, which is why they set out to solve the problem with a read-to-drink margarita cocktail that is there exactly when you need it, no fussing necessary. Pre-made doesn’t mean low quality, in fact, it can often mean the opposite. These expert margarita mixologists have ensured that every sip is perfectly blended, with no concern of suffering through a bad cocktail. These premium margaritas are made from 100% Blue Weber Agave and a splash of fresh lime, making them completely gluten-free and completely delicious. Not a traditional person? You can veer off the beaten path with one of their several refreshing flavors and iterations – bottled, canned or frozen popsicles. Whatever you chose, you’ll be glad you did. Less time making = more time drinking, an ideal scenario for Valentine’s Day. | @drinkrancho


SOURCE Cannabis

If you haven’t heard of Source Cannabis… get ready! They are indoor Clean Green Certified cultivators that are making waves throughout California. Featured here is an exclusive cut to Source Cannabis, their sativa: Quest. Coming from a garden rescue and believed to be a Gorilla Glue #4 phenotype, with tight nug structure and incredible trichome density. The nose is a nutty, gassy delight that is unique to Quest with upbeat, euphoric effects, perfect for daytime smokers. | @source_cannabis

SuperBird Valentine's Day Gift


Superbird calls themselves “the best damn tequila that happens to come in a can,” and we don’t disagree. Using agave piñas harvested and roasted locally in Tequila, Mexico, Superbird has created two cocktails that’ll make you feel like falling in love. Handcrafted in batches then poured into individually-sealed cans (we love the prevalence of canned cocktails these days, it’s truly the miracle we have been wishing for), both the Paloma cocktail and the Superbird Free are ripe for your tasting. Their Paloma is sweetened with natural agave nectar and mixed with grapefruit juice and sparkling water to ensure there are no added sugars or artificial ingredients. Their Superbird Free is a flavorful tequila and soda made with Tequila Reposado. | @drinksuperbird


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