Dear readers:

You know we love your comments. Especially when you call us names and say we got the facts more twisted than Sarah Palin's panties when she's at the NAACP convention (as if).

And to that end, we made commenting much easier for you. Forget the old Captcha system, which was really just a subversive, evil Rorschach test to determine what you think those letters really spell (they all really just spell out “bite me”).

We are switching to Disqus to make commenting, reaching out to writers building a sense of community a reality on the Weekly's blogs.

It's a way better way to go. It's used on many Tumblr blogs, at, at TechCrunch, and all those other places that are less cool than the Weekly.

Here's what you get in return for giving us your valued two cents:

-Comments that go up instantly.

-Conversations that make sense: You can respond directly to a particular comment.

-Email notification, if you so desire, regarding when someone calls you a bastard in return for your kind input.

-A sense of who the hell all these other crazy, too-much-time-on-their-hands-having people are (you can log in via Facebook or provide profile info via Disqus communities).

Try it out. Let us know how it goes. Don't be shy.

LA Weekly