As far as conspiracy theories go, this one is huge, because it requires the cooperation of not only the U.S. Armed Forces, the Federal Aviation Administration and major airlines, but it also requires little old us to be in on the deal.

After all, we like nothing better than to uncover conspiracies, wrongdoing and other secrets so we can get more readers and win awards.

But it looks like we had to get with the program on the missile-trail mystery of 2010. Sure, we admit it, it was a secret missile launch, an alien spaceship being shot back to space, or whatever else you think it was.

Because logic just doesn't cut it in this online world.

Our commenter of the day, michael, writes:

It was not a plane and if you buy that story well then you are flat out an idiot and deserve to believe your brain gained knowledge. That is one of the worse stories covering up the fact you really don't know I have heard.

He goes on to insult the intelligence of the people of California.

To which we point out that we elected Arnold and Jerry Brown (three times) didn't we?

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