In a bow to the groundbreaking Entryway project, in which two young, white “reporters” have embedded themselves with a Spanish-only immigrant couple in the Westlake District, LA Weekly has decided to probe how the real, hardworking underbelly of L.A. lives by embedding a two-reporter team of minority journalists with Lindsay Lohan.

As we speak, the writers have undergone immersion training in the linguistic communication of wealthy young Anglo women by spending a week deep inside the Christian Louboutin boutique at South Coast Plaza. Following that exercise, the duo will then go on a Robertson Boulevard shopping spree with a special focus on Kitson and its environs.

The pair will party with Lohan late into the after-hours and answer the questions: Why does this queen of L.A. nightlife have copious amounts of powder on her feet? Is New York really better than L.A? And how can the more financially challenged also cut in line at clubs (or at least try)?

What we really want to know is how the paparazzi-plagued and constantly adored survive in this cold, hard city on just a few mil a year. Do they walk and talk like us, or is there a special code used only by this misunderstood L.A. minority group?

In between trips to Urth Cafe, Drai's and Voyeur, we'll keep you updated at this special URL.

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