710 backwards is OIL, which is why we are all about that ooey-gooey drip this 710 holiday! From resins to wax, shatter to badder, we’re highlighting the best of the best California cannabis oil has to offer for 710 2022 in our LA Weekly 710 box. Need some sky high inspiration of your own? Check out the sticky goodness that makes up this year’s box:

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LITTO is your one stop shop for the best of the best of cannabis: live resin, original strains, exotic strains and everybody’s favorite, infused. LITTO Live Resin is taken from cannabis plants and then frozen immediately after harvest to preserve as much of the natural terpenes as possible. By doing this, not only is the flavor profile at its most bold, the terpene content is incredibly high; that combination results in mouthwatering tastes that are accompanied by potent body and mind effects. If you’re searching for consistently familiar strains, LITTO’s Original Strains have what you’re looking for. All nine strains are household strains that you can count on every single time. Whether you’re looking for an earthy pine taste, sweet like candy, or a bit of both, LITTO’s Original Strains have something for everyone. LITTO’s exotic strains are newer, uncommon strains elevate your experience with their potency, noticeably different effects, and mouthwatering aroma. LITTO infused are a refreshing way to enjoy your favorite strains, with an extra confectionary touch.

itslitto.com | @itslitto

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Real Deal Resin

Real Deal Resin lives up to its name; it’s the real deal! Hand made in small batches, each product drop is released in limited quantities making the experience of scoring your own a high from start to finish. Made by cannabis enthusiasts for cannabis enthusiasts, Real Deal Resin is celebrated for its team’s dedication to genetic research and unrelenting quality control standards, all together forming the ideal brand for cannabis consumers. This year’s 710 Box features High Flyers Solventless Hash Rosin Infused Cucumber Serrano Mango Gummies as well as crowd favorite solventless vape pens.

realdealresin.com | @realdealresin__

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Sauce Essentials

Cannabis just keeps getting better and better. For those that love full body flavor, Sauce Essentials is your new go-to portable vape. With ten flavors to choose from, each hit allows you to experience the joy of top-shelf flower deliciously infused with the essence of fruit. The perfect combo created by Earth, for the people. One hit of Sauce Essentials will have you swearing nothing ever hit so good!

sauceessentials.com | @sauceessentialsUltima

Ultima Health Products, Inc

Delicious Hydration For Every Body

They’re a happy, hydrated bunch at Ultima — playful, positive, fun and welcoming. 

And they are here to keep you hydrated. And smiling. 🙂

They care about what you put into your body as much as you do and that is why they’ve created an electrolyte powder mix that is perfectly balanced to fit your lifestyle. Replacing vital minerals lost through sweat, in a formula that is pure, simple and delicious. Ultima is made with a broad spectrum of electrolytes and trace minerals, plus Vitamin C & Zinc and uses only plant-based colors and flavors, no junk. Ultima comes in 11 amazing flavors packaged in both on-the-go stick packs as well as 30 or 90 serving canisters. It’s sweetened with organic stevia leaf, and has no sugar, carbs or artificial junk.

ultimareplenisher.com | @goultima

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