Where to find biodiesel

Two types of biodiesel can be had in Los Angeles County: One percent petroleum B99 and an 80 percent petroleum/20 percent biodiesel blend called B20. (Sellers get tax breaks for that 1 percent petroleum, so you won’t find B100 unless you make it yourself.)

Fill up with B99 at a mobile fueling station, typically parked in a Culver City backlot, for around $3.46 a gallon. Consult the Biodiesel Co-op’s Web site at www.biodiesel-coop.org for dates and locations.

You can buy B20 at the pump at ITL’s Cudahy Fuel Stop (8330 Atlantic Ave., Cudahy, 323-562-3230). They’ll also sell you B99 in 5-gallon red buckets at $25 each, but call in advance to make sure they’ve got some.

L.A. Biofuels will deliver B99 in 55-gallon drums right to your front door for close to $4 a gallon plus the barrel deposit. Call sales associate Spike Lewis, (310) 396-5310, to arrange delivery.

You can brew yer own B100 for under a dollar a gallon in your own home laboratory. For superb guidance, see Maria “Girl Mark” Alovert’s Biodiesel Homebrew Guide, which is available, along with the necessary equipment, from Utah Biodiesel Supply (www.utahbiodieselsupply.com).