Tonight, LA and New York will meet when Automatico DJs Ané and Maurice de la Falaise join forces with New York's Nacotheque DJs Marcelo Cunning and Amylu “Amylulita” Meneses armed with everything from '60s garage rock to present-day electro all sung in Spanish.

Hidrogenesse “Disfraz de Tigre”

A little over three years ago, Meneses and Cunning took on the New York club scene simply because there were no other outlets for the Spanish indie pop and dance music that they dug. In a case similar to LA's Automatico, Nacotheque struck a chord with indie rockers and electro kids attracted to the sound of the Spanish-language underground.

“We didn't think it would take off the way it has for the past three years,” says Meneses.

With the launch of Nacotheque, the duo has not only brought a slew of underground Spanish-language artists to NYC, but they've been taking their own show on the road DIY style, hitting up nightclubs throughout North America and Europe. Their most surprising gig so far? Belgium, where Meneses noted a crowd of 600, maybe “150 were Spaniards” and yet the club was “packed wall-to-wall” with people crazy for unknown tunes in an unfamiliar language.

Promoted as a joint event between the two parties, tonight's event, which also features a live performance from Enjambre, will take place at Automatico's usual stomping grounds, Señor Fish in Little Tokyo. Make sure you arrive early, Automatico events have a tendency to hit capacity before midnight.

Los Bunkers “Ahora Que No Estas”

Maria Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser “Chicle de Menta”

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