Nicole Jordan and Jackie Peters are polar opposites: Jordan, from San Diego, is the blonde “girlie girl in heels” with the bubbly personality and the million-miles-an-hour energy; dark-haired Peters, from Stamford, Connecticut, is more behind the scenes, calmly making decisions in a hoodie and sneakers and posting Zenlike thoughts on her blog.

By day Jordan is PR director for the Rubicon Project, while Peters is CEO of Heavybag Media, but the two minxes have their fingers in almost every tech pot. Between running Social Media Club LA and Twiistup, pitching in to support Rubicon Project’s corporate social-responsibility program and contributing to almost every tech event from Paintball to the “Snowball,” Jordan and Peters are the go-to girls for interactive Los Angeles. Need a place to stay at SXSW? Need to know what SEO and monetizing uniques really mean? Need a carpool from the Westside to tonight’s roundtable? If you’re smart, you have them both on speed dial.

They met at the first Dealmaker LA event a year ago. Jordan says she took an “automatic liking to Jackie,” because she was “smart and sassy. There’s no pretense about her. She is who she is and I admire that.”

Despite their outward and temperamental differences, their bond hinges on the fact that they both like to get stuff done and build stuff. Peters decided to spearhead Social Media Club in L.A. because this was the only major city with no outlet to educate people about the impact of social media. As defacto community “nodes,” the pair have a lot of power.

“There are a lot of people in L.A. doing really cool things,” says Peters, “but there aren’t necessarily a lot of people who are tying everything together.” “We like to ask big questions,” adds Jordan, “and like to push change.”


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