While the weed is always the star of the show on 4/20, each year there is an ever-growing number of fantastic cannabis accessories to get your hands on. 

We’re taking a look at some of our favorite new products we’ve spotted over the last year while stuck at home smoking copious amounts of marijuana. Whether it’s a stealthy vaporizer or a table centerpiece that says “I smoke weed a lot,” we have you covered!

Blazy Susan   

Blazy Susans are a fantastic contemporary cannabis take on classic dining room table accessories, but they’re meant for spinning grandma over some hash, instead of potatoes on Thanksgiving. What makes the Blazy Susan special are the pot theme tweaks. The outside ring includes carveouts that fit things like rolling papers, eighth jars and Puffco Peaks. The cutaway sections are also lined with silicone for easy cleaning. If your coffee table is living the wook life anyway, pull the trigger on a Blazy Susan. blazysusan.com

Dr. Greenthumb’s X G Pen Dash Vaporizer

As Grenco and B-Real continue to be two of the more popular collaborators in the industry, this time they’re working with each other on a lineup of Grenco tech under the Dr. Greenthumb’s banner. For the sake of picking one for the list, we’re going with the Dash. It is one of the most competitively priced vaporizers in the marketplace from a company of note. The rest of the lineup features a bunch of great stuff as well, backboned by Grenco’s years in the space. gpen.com (Photo: Grenco)


Want to personalize your rolling experience? Look no further than MyRollingTray.com. You’ll be able to spice up your spinning space with a variety of great options. The basic polymer trays run just under $50 bucks to customize. You can feel the quality in your hands compared to other kinds of trays. If you want to splurge a bit, you can opt for the glow tray. But even a blank tray is definitely worth $15.  (Photo: Jimi Devine)

Your Highness x Broken Promises 

While we usually get excited about the awesome pot Your Highness drops on the regular as you’ll see in our 4/20 strain lineup, their clothing dropped with Broken Promises last Saturday. So much of the time cannabis apparel is associated with sunshine and butterflies and that’s ok, but thank god somebody finally threw a skull on a tie-dye. brokenpromisesco.com     (Photo: Broken Promises)

DripDrop XYZ    

The German DripDropXYZ grinder yoyo is definitely the most unique product on the list, just don’t “Walk the Dog” with it loaded or you might get weed on the floor. But in all seriousness, this new generation of composite grinders is reminiscent of something from Starfleet compared to the flimsy plastic grinders of the past where the teeth fell out. I’m a believer, and the grinder aspect of the product looks to be on par with the new industry standard.  dripdropsolutions.xyz (Photo: DripDropXYZ)


Puffco Budsy

From the premier digital dabbers at Puffco, the new Budsy is a bit more analog but all the fun. The Budsy is basically the greatest manufactured stealth bong up to this point in history. Why smoke a joint on top of that mountain when you can take a bong that looks like a standard water bottle you’d see out on the trail. The Budsy also has elements that come out for easy cleaning just like the rest of Puffco’s lineup. puffco.com/budsy (Photo: Puffco)


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