“I try to stay with themes or objects or sources I can trace back to my personal history,” artist Robert Therrien once said. “The further back I can trace something as being meaningful to me in some way or another … the more I am attracted to it.” Little wonder, then, that plates, pots and pans have inspired much of his recent artwork. Today's Flickr pool photo, of an untitled sculpture by Therrien at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, comes to you courtesy of L.A. Weekly reader Joey Zanotti.

We're not usually impressed by a stack of white plates. Too many hours at the kitchen sink with wet, soapy hands. But this piece is stunning in its merge of the mundane (plates!) with the spectacular (gigantic size). Jumbo meatballs to go along with that? If you have your own food-themed photos, consider uploading them to our Flickr photo pool. Because even white plates can be inspirational.

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