Nine courses were on the menu last week at Wolvesden, the underground, semi-secret supper club run by Craig Thornton. When Squid Ink interviewed Thornton a couple of years ago, he agreed that his plates were like Rorschach tests. (Did guests dive in? Look away? The approach conveyed a lot, he said.) Now, maybe here's the visual representation from djjewelz posted on our LA Weekly flickr photo pool — a plate of lamb with potato puree, chicory malt, mushrooms (yellowfoot and black trumpet), grass and flowers. All splattered in Rorschach ink-blot style with beet rhubarb verjus. Djjewelz calls it “spring slaughter.” What do you see?

If you have your own gorgeous food photos, consider uploading to our Flickr photo pool. Maybe food is the new therapy.

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