James Adomian tells us this about his show L.A. Weakly: “From the desert to the sea to all of Southern California, this is a show that celebrates our City of Angels, featuring the local celebrities and laid-back denizens of our smoggy oasis. This is the suntanned playground of Huell Howser, the sprawling domain of Antonio Villaraigosa, the palm-tree purgatory of Chandler and Bukowski. This is their town, and this is their show. Contrary to national mythology, we do actually have a real culture in Los Angeles and I say fuck it, it's time to have a show where we can laugh about Merrill Schindler, the subway-to-the-sea and our sublime-loving drinking buddies without worrying about a national audience getting the references. We live in this fucking crazy city, so let's make fun of it the way it is. As for swipes at the Weekly, I can only say, maybe.” So there's hope — please bring it on, Mr. A. Featuring James Adomian, Jean Black, Drew Droege, Eddie Pepitone, Ryan Perez, Hal Rudnick & more.

Sun., Nov. 22, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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