Zach Behrens
at LAist has a nice close-up on something many Angelenos will be getting soon — a DWP citation for improper use of sprinklers. Behrens reprints a redacted copy of one such ticket given to a homeowner for not only using a sprinkler on a Sunday (a no-no in the new, drought-racked L.A.), but for said spritzer hitting too much sidewalk.

After getting a bit of bureaucratic cross talk, Behrens learned from the DWP that first offenders  only receive “a conversation with a conservation team member, which could be its own sort of punishment depending on who you are.” Subsequent complaints bring in the $100 fines, however. Behrens approves of the one-on-one, human approach to water conservation, but wonders how long that can last if the citation trickle turns to a flood and a cash-strapped city has to cut back on staffing.

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