We've seen the legalization of many things in liberal California, from medical marijuana to same-sex marriage to undocumented drivers. Why not crazy cat ladies?

The L.A. City Council is coming to the rescue, of course. Because potholes, a Department of Water and Power that can't account for $40 million, and earthquake-prone buildings aren't the bigger problems in town:

Not having enough legal cats in our city is a huge issue.

You see, in L.A. you can only legitimately have three cats in town — not nearly enough. On top of that, we all know that the cat police are everywhere and people with, say, four cats are total outlaws who are risking legitimate lives as productive citizens to harbor that extra feline.

(Cats aren't actually required to be licensed or registered, so this is all highly unofficial, innit?).

Enter Councilman Paul Koretz, champion of animal rights. He has proposed legalizing the ownership of as many as five cats.

His proposal was being considered this week by the City Council's Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee.

He argues that cat people being cat people, the folks most likely to adopt additional felines and get them off the streets would be these animal lovers. The three-cat limit, Koretz's proposal says, …

Credit: Jim Killock/Flickr

Credit: Jim Killock/Flickr

… is preventing stray cats and those cats in shelters from finding homes and potentially putting them at risk of euthanization.

The idea is to reduce the number of cats on death row at city shelters. “The reason is to increase adoption,” his spokesman told us.

There you have it. Legalize cats.

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