We were a little disappointed when an annual “Traffic Scorecard” in May figured Los Angeles was only the second most-congested city in the nation.


After all, we're number one (and proud of it).

Well, the folks behind GPS brand TomTom have put us back on top. Amen:

Yep. TomTom found out that L.A. has the highest congestion rate, at 33 percent more than traffic-free times, of any major U.S. city. That rate jumps to 77 percent for rush hours.

L.A. has more traffic on surface streets than on highways. (Take note, cops who pull people over for bullshit violations in the middle of a busy street, public works projects that seem to have to go down in the the middle of the day, and or big developments that take up a whole lane of a major boulevard. Nonsense).

You can add 40 minutes to an hour of drive time to peak congestion periods. Ouch.

The average, 30-minute commuter will add 90 hours a year for traffic back-ups. TomTom claims to have crowd-sourced real-traffic data and “the largest and most accurate database of travel times in the world,” according to its CEO.

We beat out Vancouver (2), Miami (3), Seattle (4) and Tampa, Florida (5). New York, strangely, didn't even make the top 10.

Suck on that, Bit Apple.

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