Tonight L.A.'s shoegazers VOICEsVOICEs join School of Seven Bells at the Echo, but as much as we like their music, let's take a look at their visuals. For some reason or another, I never really got the chance to spend time with their video for “Origins” (I blame my brain decay on accompanying repeat visits to Gifs of Popular Rappers). So let's set the wayback machine for waaaaay back in a magical time we call February, and look at the blogpost I would have written then. Ready? Hold on to your butts, here we go:

Dudes and girldudes! VOICEsVOICEs has just released their newest video for “Origins,” directed by Patrick Fraser, which portrays the real post-apocalyptic nightmare that was the wild fires of 2009. Singers Nico Turner and Jenean Farris navigate a world that is trying to endure despite the looming disaster literally on the horizon. A carnival becomes a sick joke as a ferris wheel spins before an ash scorched sky. It all looks like science fiction, but it is the truth. With those looming clouds in the distance, isolated blazes speckling the hills, and fire trucks cutting trough traffic on the freeway, we all had the experience of maintaining normalcy in the face of tragedy.

The video is psychedelic journalism, a confluence of live images of an actual event and its real-time symbolic and emotional impact.

You can't take your eyes off it:

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