Faced with a rapidly deteriorating financial outlook (a $718 million budget shortfall), the Los Angeles Unified School District voted this afternoon to authorize up to 8,846 employee layoffs by the end of June. (About 2,000 teachers have already agreed to take early retirement.) While today's decision does not mean this number of staff will actually be laid off over the summer, the school district is required by law to send out notifications to those who might be affected by March 15. The break down, according to the LAUSD is:

2,875 Certificated and Contract Management Employees

1,996 Permanent Certificated Elementary Teachers

3,477 Non-Permanent Teachers:

  •  1,605 Elementary Teachers
  •  599 Secondary English Teachers
  •  675 Secondary Mathematics Teachers
  •  276 Secondary Science Teachers
  •  322 Secondary Social Studies Teachers

498 Non-Permanent Support Service Personnel:

  • 50 Psychiatric Social Workers
  • 61 PSA Counselors
  • 9 Elementary Counselors
  • 288 Secondary Counselors

  • 85 Diploma Project Advisors
  • 5 Audiometrists

The afternoon meeting, according to wire reports carried by the L.A. Daily News

and other outlets, had been contentious from the start, with the United

Teachers of Los Angeles union having previously promised demonstrations

and civil disobedience at the board's South Beaudry Avenue

headquarters. During the meeting, UTLA president A.J. had prevented

board president Ramon Cortines from delivering his report by taking the

microphone and refusing to relinquish it, even after it was turned off.

The board was forced to withdraw to a smaller meeting room, away from

chanting union members.

LA Weekly