The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday said Venice can have parking zones where RVs and other big vehicles are prohibited from dropping anchor overnight.

The question is, will Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa sign the ordinance or give it his mayoral veto? After all, he's expressed some sympathy in the past for RV dwellers in the beach-side community, saying that pushing the vehicles from one block to another is not the answer.

The big issue for Venice is the quasi-homeless who call the RVs homes, park next to residences and, in some high-profile cases, illegally dump sewage in neighborhoods.

Neighbors have also complained that they do and deal drugs and generally contribute an unseemly element to a rapidly gentrifying area.

It has sometimes been seen as a battle between new, property owning elites who have moved in to Venice against the community's liberal, bohemian long-timers who embrace their homeless friends.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl has been stuck in the middle, but he supports the oversize vehicle parking zones.

“My people have had enough,'' Rosendahl said. “It's overwhelming folks. Nobody wants (somebody else's) car and camper in front of their house.''

The law would prohibit vehicles 22 feet long and/or 7 feet high from parking between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m on blocks west of Lincoln Boulevard where two-thirds of neighbors have signed petitions demanding the restrictions.

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