After a University of Wisconsin freshman was slugged for wearing her American Apparel “Legalize Gay” t-shirt, the L.A.-based company went into action and shipped 500 of the tops — free — to an anti-bullying rally on-campus this week.

The hipster clothier stated in a full-page ad in the college newspaper that ” … we were deeply moved and inspired to hear how quickly a student rally was organized and how strong the response to this hate crime was. American Apparel is a company that believes in freedom of expression and equal rights.”

The company also makes “Legalize L.A.” t-shirts in support of undocumented workers.

Company attorney Peter Schey told the Weekly, “This is part of our ongoing effort to express support for people in the United States suffering systematic discrimination, including the gay and immigrant communities.”

According to our sister blog Weird Wisconson, freshman Lauren Meyer was “shoked” when she was assaulted and hit with slurs during last month's incident.

She said American Apparel's show of support is “awesome.”

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