Los Angeles is the biggest city on the West Coast. L.A. county, with 10 million people, is the largest in the nation. Southern California beams with 18 million souls.

We are big. We lead the world. Our politicians, the vanguard of democracy, put their heads together and and they solve problems

They … install speed bumps on a bike path:
Yes, in this latest edition of WTF Did the City Just Do?, which includes such past hits as a ban on cat declawing and outlawing e-cigarette use in clubs and bars, we have “rumble strips” on a bike path.

Now, forget for a minute that L.A. has the worst roads in the nation. Or that we're the hit-and-run capital of America. Or that the city last year paid Wall Street banks $204 million in fees.

What we really need to do to lead this town into the great future is slow down bicyclists.

The L.A. Department of Transportation has installed “thermoplastic rumble strips” on the L.A. River bike bath at the Riverdale Avenue entrance.

Local Councilman Mitch O'Farrell this week took credit for the bold move, telling France's Le Monde newspaper writing on his blog that the test program could “reduce bike and pedestrian accidents.”

“I wanted a mechanism to curb speeding by bicyclists, and the accidents that result from them,” O'Farrell said.

He wants your feedback. We say thumbs up, and we ride a skateboard that will have an even harder time with those bumps.

Speeding bicyclists on a dedicated, two-lane bike path? Over. And good riddance (said the old lady who lives down the street).

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